How to work with multiple currencies in Google Analytics

Google launched a new feature in their ecommerce module that helps international sites in tracking their worldwide revenues. Until now every single site that worked with multiple currencies had to implement some sort of curreny-converter script to get all revenues in the same currency. This is a very time consuming and expensive action that needs constant attention. As of today this is all history.

Google implemented a new feature that can convert the local currency to the currency you specified in your profile settings:


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Google Analytics updates interface and adds some new features

It looks like Google is rolling out some new features in Google Analytics. There isn't an official statement/blog about it, but after some digging I found these new features:

New graph formats on the dashboards

There are 2 new types of graphs you can choose on your dashboard:


The Geomap and Bar are new. The Geomap is a known report that was available for quit a while in the normal reports. But on the dashboard it's a welcome addition. The Bar is new and looks like this:

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Windows 8 visible since December 11th, 2012 in Google Analytics

Just a small update from here (haven't been blogging for a while). If you're looking at the Windows 8 stats in your Google Analytics account you will see this graph:

windows 8

Last October I tweeted that Google Analytics was reporting "Windows 8" as "Windows NT". I like to think they read my tweet and changed this on December 11th 😉 Since the launch of Windows 8 on October 25th you see traffic for "Windows NT" suddenly rising until they changed it to "Windows 8".

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