Google Analytics updates interface and adds some new features

It looks like Google is rolling out some new features in Google Analytics. There isn't an official statement/blog about it, but after some digging I found these new features:

New graph formats on the dashboards

There are 2 new types of graphs you can choose on your dashboard:


The Geomap and Bar are new. The Geomap is a known report that was available for quit a while in the normal reports. But on the dashboard it's a welcome addition. The Bar is new and looks like this:

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I work for:


Windows 8 visible since December 11th, 2012 in Google Analytics

Just a small update from here (haven't been blogging for a while). If you're looking at the Windows 8 stats in your Google Analytics account you will see this graph:

windows 8

Last October I tweeted that Google Analytics was reporting "Windows 8" as "Windows NT". I like to think they read my tweet and changed this on December 11th ;) Since the launch of Windows 8 on October 25th you see traffic for "Windows NT" suddenly rising until they changed it to "Windows 8".

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Hitting the Google Analytics sampling treshold? Can you trust your numbers?

For a while I wanted to write this post about the Google Analytics sampling. You know, the dreaded message that appears on top of your reports:

This message shows up when you work with a dataset that contains more than 500.000 visits or more than 1.000.000 items (keywords/url's/etc). Above that Google takes a sample of all those visits to calculate the numbers for your reports. But what is acceptable? In this example Google uses 30.62% of all visits to guess what the other 70% did on my site...

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