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New users landing on your ‘thankyou’ page from Organic or Adwords?

Here's a little riddle for those of you who are tech savvy and know their way around Google Analytics. December 2014 I spoke with the CEO of an agency who told me he was seeing new visits directly landing on his clients thankyou pages.

There are a few cases where this could happen:

  1. People try to order a product, go to their banks' site, wait for more than 30 minutes causing the Google Analytics session to end, pay and return to your site. This will generate a landing on a thankyou page, but from a returning visitor in stead of a new one.
  2. People have software in place that erases any cookies from a site as soon as people leave them. After returning back from the payment provider they will be seen as a new visitor, but with the source "direct / none" or "bankdomain.tld / referral". So not as "google / organic" or "google / cpc".

Take a look at this screenshot:

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Hello World!

An appropriate title for a new and refreshed blog, don't you think? At least, my focus was always on the Dutch speaking part of the world, and now I'm targeting the whole world (the English speaking part).

For people who don't know me, and there are a lot of them 😉 I once wrote some blogs on my friend Yoast his site. They were about tracking SEO rankings with Google Analytics. And it was reasonably succesful, I almost got a Semmy for it. Other cool thing is my Search Submit© tool, you must absolutely check it out.

The site still needs some work, some speed tweaks and some translation. The most popular Dutch articles will be translated to new English ones, the rest will stay in Dutch. And I already have some cool new posts queued up, ready to hit the RSS scrapers 😉

So, what do you think? Do you like the new design and the new logo?